Wind Turbine Falls Apart!!


Now on a good day this is what the wind turbines should look like, swishing away in the breeze, making electricity for the masses. In our neigbourhood we were forced by the provincial government  of the time to accept the installation of wind turbines for the greater good of all. The people who got into bed with government of the time brought bags of money and incentives to the local land owners and a few lapped it up. The land owners never said a word to their neighbours that they had signed any kind of deal, rumours were rampant but nobody knew anything concrete. Until the premier of the time and the companies that were to make great fortunes got up on the soapbox to make the announcement.

That did not rest well with the majority of the neighbourhood. An uprising gathered at all of the meetings that were to schmooze over the people. The land owners that signed on soon became targets-it was not good for them. The people of the township (and few others) donated money to a lawyer, we fought long and hard..we did not want the turbines. It was not that we were against the turbines-just the location of them. Noise experts were brought in, as were RF experts, environmental experts, natural resources experts, any kind of expert that could lend an opinion. It did not matter in the end, the government had the kangaroo meetings and shoved it down our throats. My opinion is that this was the most economical place to put them from a construction point of view and an availability to get on the grid. Ontario Hydro spent months installing new poles, wire, and substations to handle the great influx of ‘free’ electricity. (Who paid for that?)DSC02515

Now this is what we have, our first ‘broken’ wind turbine.DSC04317

Somebody is going to pay large for this repair.

I  now ask the people of the 905 area code (that could not understand why we did not welcome the turbines) to please do not use your dryer or air conditioner lest we run out of electricity. 

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