My gear

My Gear..should read, ‘What I spend my money on’

I am a self-proclaimed Sony/Minolta/Konica user. In my evolution of photography, I started out at the tender age of 15 (a half century ago). With a keen interest of photography in Air Cadets, I was invited to take the “Photography Course”. With a father and mother that both worked at the regional airport I was often seen all over the airport with camera in hand, an old brownie from Kodak. One of my first photos was of a P-51 Mustang that had been restored. The blade of the propeller was as wide as I was, either the blade was huge or I was skinny..the latter. Later I did my first commissioned work . It was the class picture for the year 1969. I “had to get paid” for some reason said the people for the year book, the princely sum of 50 cents! Just looking at the picture brings back a few memories!

Once high school started and I discovered girls, and later car racing. The camera did not seem so important, it was shoved to the side. By mid 1974 I was shooting with a Zeiss Ikon, stolen before I got married. My next camera was a Petri, could not afford to purchase a Zeiss ( the Zeiss was given to me). The Petri served me well. I then wanted to School0001get into digital as a two month trip to New Zealand was pending in 2008. The purchase was a Minolta Konica Z3 4.1mp. A tough little camera…left it on the beach the second day we were there. It had rained that night and sure enough it was still on the log I had left it on…but did it work? You bet.

I next bought a Sony A330, massive amount of technology that I had no idea what I was dealing with. The sales person told me about some ‘classes’ that were being offered at the Sony head office in Toronto. I went and the people there had the patience to teach me all about the camera. At no time was there any sales, it was a learning night. A heartfelt Thank You goes out to those people, it was the start of a long relationship that stands today.

By 2014 I had moved on to a Sony A65 with a 16-50mm f2.8. A nice camera an even nicer lens. At the Sony classes, Rob (head of digital imaging Sony Canada) says to me “we are going to the Indy Race in Toronto, would you like to come? All you need is your camera body, extra batteries, memory cards, sun glasses and comfortable shoes. We have special pit passes” Without having to think about it I answered “yes just tell me when and where to be”. When I arrived I was met with a plethora of travel cases full of lenses. “What lens would you like to try” asks the person. Trying not to look like a kid with the keys to the candy store, I said “that one please” a 70-200/2.8 G. “OK, come back in a couple of hours and tell me what you think of it”. Funny thing, I described that lens as carrying around small child. I now own it’s older sibling the 80-200/2.8 I think it is heavier.




  1. While the trend is smaller and lighter I have a certain affinity for the all metal heavier lenses though many of the modern lenses perform
    exceedingly well.
    A different journey into my photographic foray,
    in large part a trial and error process accompanied by a selection of curse words along the way.


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